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The NSFAS Bank Verification Process Fails



The NSFAS Bank Verification Process Fails

The NSFAS Bank Verification Process Fails. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has requested students to upload their bank details to ensure they receive their NSFAS allowances. However, some students have encountered issues with their bank account verification. If you are one of these students, this guide will help you understand what actions to take to resolve this issue and ensure you receive your allowances on time.

Understanding NSFAS and Its Importance

NSFAS plays a crucial role in supporting students from poor and working-class backgrounds, enabling them to pursue higher education without the burden of financial worries.

The scheme offers comprehensive bursaries and student loans to eligible students enrolled in approved courses at universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges. This funding covers tuition and registration fees, as well as various allowances for food, accommodation, and learning materials.

The NSFAS Bank Verification Process Fails

  1. Log into the myNSFAS Portal: Start by visiting the NSFAS website and logging into your myNSFAS account using your username and password.
  2. Update Bank Account Details: Navigate to the ‘bank account details’ section under ‘Profile information’. Here, you need to re-enter your correct banking details. Ensure that the details you provide are accurate and that the bank account belongs to you.
  3. Avoid Using Someone Else’s Bank Account: NSFAS has explicitly reminded students not to use someone else’s bank account details. This will result in the allowances not being paid. Only your personal bank account details should be used.
  4. Save Your Updated Information: After entering your correct bank account details, click on ‘Save’ to ensure the changes are updated in the system.

NSFAS Allowances Payment System for TVET Students

From May 2024, NSFAS has implemented a new system where TVET college students receive their allowances directly deposited into their personal bank accounts. This change aims to streamline the payment process and ensure timely disbursement of funds. Students were notified about this new system and instructed to upload their bank details onto the myNSFAS platform.

Common Issue: Bank Verification Failure

Despite the new system, some students have received notifications indicating that their bank account verification has failed. This verification process is essential to ensure that the allowances are deposited into the correct bank account. If your bank verification has failed, you need to take immediate action to correct this issue.

Step-by-Step Guide to Submit Your Bank Details

If you need a more detailed guide on how to submit your bank details, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the NSFAS Website: Go to the official NSFAS website.
  2. Access the myNSFAS Portal: Click on the ‘myNSFAS portal’ link.
  3. Log In: Enter your myNSFAS account username and password to log in.
  4. Navigate to Profile Information: Find the ‘bank account details’ section under ‘Profile information’.
  5. Enter Your Bank Details: Fill in your bank account details carefully.
  6. Save Your Information: Click on ‘Save’ to update your details.

Importance of Timely Action

NSFAS has called on all TVET college students to take action and upload their bank details as soon as possible to ensure they receive their NSFAS allowances on time. Delays in updating your bank details could result in not receiving your allowances when you need them.


Ensuring accurate and timely updates of your bank details on the myNSFAS portal is crucial for receiving your allowances without delay. Follow the outlined steps to correct any verification issues and secure your financial support promptly.

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