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Is Rosebank College Funded by NSFAS



Is Rosebank College Funded by NSFAS

Is Rosebank College Funded by NSFAS. Navigating the intricacies of funding higher education can be daunting, especially when considering options like the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

One institution that often arises in these discussions is the IIE Rosebank College. However, clarity is essential regarding whether Rosebank College is funded by NSFAS or offers alternative financial aid options.

IIE Rosebank College Funding

Firstly, it’s crucial to grasp that IIE Rosebank College operates as a private institution. Unlike public universities and colleges that receive government funding and are typically affiliated with NSFAS, private institutions like Rosebank College have a different financial model.

Is Rosebank College Funded by NSFAS

Contrary to some expectations, Rosebank College does not participate in the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). This decision stems from its status as a private institution, which often relies on alternative funding avenues to support its operations and students’ financial needs.

Exploring Alternative Financial Aid Options

While Rosebank College does not offer bursaries or accept NSFAS, it does provide various alternative financial aid options. These may include scholarships, grants, loans through private lenders, or internal financial assistance programs.

Prospective students are encouraged to reach out to the college’s financial aid office to explore these opportunities and determine eligibility.

Is the Deposit Refundable?

One common query among prospective students pertains to the refundability of deposits made during the application process. Typically, Rosebank College deposit policy may vary depending on the specific program and circumstances.

However, in many cases, deposits are non-refundable and serve as a commitment fee upon acceptance of an offer of admission.


IIE Rosebank College, as a private institution, does not rely on NSFAS for funding and does not offer bursaries funded by the scheme. However, it provides alternative financial aid options to support students in pursuing their academic goals.

While deposits may not always be refundable, prospective students should familiarize themselves with the college policies and explore available avenues for financial assistance. By understanding these aspects, individuals can make informed decisions regarding their education and financial commitments.

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